Chicken Farming Abattoir Equipment

We specialize in the design and setup of small, medium and large abattoirs. If you are planning a new development, please view or "Abattoir Kits" by following the button below. For more detailed information we have also listed 2 abattoir setups that are capable of slaughtering up to 500 birds per hour.

Please note all equipment is also available individually.

AutomatedSemi-AutomatedAbattoir Kits

Portion Cutters


Available in 3 phase (380v) or single phase (220v) models. Sturdy Complete Stainless steel chassis with powerful motors. Sold with cutting blade that will last for years.

Soap 500ml dispenser


Good looking effective soap dispenser for general use.

Stainless steel 3 Piece Eviscerating tool sets


Stainless steel 3 Piece Eviscerating tool sets for the slaughtering of chickens.

Plucking fingers


Plucking fingers for standard drum or tilting bowl pluckers. Available in Oval and Round as well as different toughness as required.

Other eviscerating line components available.